Roger Bickerstaff

Published: 23/09/2020 14:35

With over 25 years' experience as a leading technology lawyer and now based in Bird & Bird's London and San Francisco offices, I have extensive experience advising on tech infrastructure and outsourcing projects. In particular those with a public sector component, and all aspects of the software industry - licensing, Cloud, SaaS, distribution, etc. My recent focus has been on digital transformation and legal issues associated with the use of artificial intelligence. I also have a separate specialism in procurement law.

I act as a trusted advisor on a range of complex and innovative technology projects, covering all aspects of technology and EU procurement law. Within these large-scale infrastructure contracts, my project work has included contract negotiation and procurement, contract management and dispute resolution.

I also advise technology companies, particularly innovative, internationally expanding companies, on their worldwide business activities. Since September 2018 my dual location in our London and San Francisco offices enables me to support technology companies in both US and European time zones. My in-depth interest in and understanding of the technology industry leads to much of my current work focusing on the challenges for suppliers and customers of transitioning to a data-driven business.

On artificial intelligence my current focus is on the intersection of ethics and the emerging legal framework. I have contributed to the debate around an appropriate regulatory framework for the use of AI at the UK Royal Society and the English Law Society and various other public and private forums. I believe that AI can have positive human benefit but there are considerable risks and it is not clear that ethical guidelines on their own are sufficient protection.

I speak and publish regularly on a variety of Techlaw and public procurement topics. I have been Chair of the UK Society for Computers & Law and President of the International Federation of Computer Law Associations.

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