Convergence - Managing Complexity

As the world around us continues to increase in complexity, we rely more and more upon technology woven in ever more complicated and converging systems, many of which individually we might not truly understand.

In these testing times, one prediction we think will hold good: whatever the future brings it will be more complex, it will be global, it will be digital and it will need more knowledgeable, technologically astute legal advisors. SCL are here to help you meet that challenge.

Working and advising effectively and successfully in this environment requires more knowledge, greater understanding, new thinking and the ability to adapt.

The SCL Annual Conference is the essential event in the calendar for all those interested in law and technology, whether in practice or in-house, a seasoned academic or a student or trainee, looking to be part of the ever-expanding opportunity that a career in law and technology represents. SCL is here to support the single largest tech law community in the world.

This year’s Annual Conference provides a superb mix of essential knowledge to enhance your everyday practice (or working environment) plus thought-provoking, cutting edge information around the latest technology and legal developments and what they mean for us all.

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