Jennifer Werthwein

Published: 23/09/2020 18:20

Jennifer is an entrepreneur driven to create and accelerate innovation that boosts the technological transformation in a sustainable matter. Her passion for sustainable changes and transformation processes made me become involved in politics and social movements at an early age. Studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics helped her to understand and reflect social interrelations better and motivated her to learn more about social entrepreneurship. By seeking profound opportunities of building a better world for people she moved to Israel and became involved in the startup ecosystem. Currently, she is collaborating with the most promising start-ups, supporting them in finding the right partners for their innovation. Combining her experiences in entrepreneurship, politics, and academia, she is leading transformation processes. As German representative of the multinational and multidisciplinary network Kanarit and co-founder of the Future City Platform she is bridging the gap between the best-of-breed cutting-edge technologies and needs of corporate, industrial parks, and cities. Currently she is working on a product that will change the way people create presentations. She is happy to accelerate ideas, uncover new opportunities, and find creative solutions for the digital transformation!

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